Welcome to the memory world ranking list!

Johannes Mallow:

"Memocamp is the best online training tool available on the market. It has lots of statistical functions and a training diary containing everything necessary to prepare for a competition. And this is only one aspect: Memocamp has the potential to become the first computer-based competition programme in the history of memory sport. There are already competitions going on and the new live competition is a fantastic step for the future of memory sport. You can obtain your results immediately after having finished a discipline. The audience can see the participants memorzing and recalling information and is also following the number sprint, words,etc on a big screen. The actual points also have to be calculated live and due to the nice graphs you can observe the race between the best competitors. For the first time, it is possible to make a live comment during the competition for the interested audience."

Jürgen Petersen:

"Memocamp works perfectly and is very reliable. You can skip the bothersome controls, in particular with regard to long disciplines, and the result is immediately there. By using Memocamp at the Championships, the participants outside of the Top-Ten would have a concrete result immediately."

Boris Konrad:

"As a memory athlete Memocamp allows me to train all disciplines regularly, especially the ones for which a lot of time and effort is usually necessary, such as words and names. It is great that I can choose the sequence on my own, for example 6 numbers per journey point. This facilitates the procedure extremely well. I get the exact correction immediately, intermeditates or arbitrators are no longer necessary. I have an immediate idea of my errors and can therefore correct myself and be sure that the correction is exact. This makes Memocamp extremely interesting for competitions, because human errors will be excluded during the correction and all results are immediately available. I am therefore very much in favour of using Memocamp at competitions."

Florian Dellé:

"Memocamp allows me to train my memory quickly and comfortably. All the original disciplines are available as well as some funny variations. But the best thing is that I can use all my systems and analyse them, and I can evaluate my own statistics to improve myself."