Memocamp is the training camp of the memory coach Michael Gloschewski who has already trained a world champion! In the training camp, we are not addressing each other formally, but informally. I welcome your decision to be part of Memocamp. I will teach you all the methods, tricks and tips which helped one of my youngest pupils to realise a great honour achievement: He became World Memory Champion in his age group in 2008 and he was even better than some of the older participants.

Memocamp offers different methods allowing you to test and train your memory. You will also be able to judge your progress. You will recognise your first success when you will suddenly be able to remember whole telephone numbers, when you can go shopping without a shopping list or when you will be able to make a speech without a manuscript. Just do it!

You can immediately start with your own training. In your user area, I have prepared some working material under "My Memocamp". You can adapt the material according to your wishes at any time.

If you want to know more about the background or the historical facts of memory training, please click here!