The small multiplication 1x1 PO

The quick number system works well for short numbers up to 6 digits like PIN numbers. To memorise more than 6 digits, the system can be increased to an x-to-the-second-power variation. This means that for every picture combined with a number we use a further association (such as a person or another object).Example: 1 stands for tree. Question: Who swings from tree to tree? Tarzan!

Here is the table:

Number Person Picture Verb or Object Picture
1 Tarzan to swing / tree
2 Swan to swim / lake
3 Devil to pierce / trident
4 Children to wobble / chair
5 I myself to reach / hand
6 croupier to role the dices/dice
7 Dwarf to sing
8 Snowman to snow / Snowball fight
9 Clown Balloon
0 Chicken Egg

By combining the associations, you can also memorise 2-digit numbers. To make sure in which place each number occurs, you should always place the associated person at the first digit and the corresponding object or verb at the second digit.

Example: 95 = a clown who is reaching for something vs. 59 = I am reaching for the balloon.

Beginners can find this list under "My memocamp".