1-digit system

The number-shape-system is very popular and very good for beginners. It is partly based on visual similarities between digits and objects and on associations.

We use the image of a tree to reflect one because a tree looks similar to the number 1. For two we use the image of a swan which is swimming on the lake like a two. For three we use a trident because it is a three-pronged spear. For four we can use a chair with four legs. For five we use, of course, a hand. For six we use a dice because it has six sides and six is the highest score. For seven we use a dwarf from the fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The number eight looks like a snowman which consists of two balls. For nine we take a balloon on the basis of the song "99 Red Balloons". The zero looks like an egg.

Number Picture Picture Explanation
1 Tree A trunk
2 Swan When the swan swims from the right to the left, it looks like a 2.
3 Trident How many prongs does a trident have?
4 Chair How many legs does a chair have?
5 Hand How many fingers does a hand have?
6 Dice How many sides does a dice have or what is the highest number?
7 Dwarf How many dwarfs play in the fairy tale?
8 Snowman Consisting of 2 balls that look like an 8?
9 Balloon How many red balloons Nena described in her song?
0 Egg Looks like a Zero.

Beginners can find this list under "My memocamp".