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Michael Gloschewski
Michael Gloschewski

Ergonomics is derived from Ancient Greek and means to adapt the work to the human being. The aim of ergonomics is to optimize operating procedures with regard to space and time and to adapt the result ideally to the human being.

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As a pupil and trainee, an efficient brain would have been of great help. Unfortunately, no teacher could convey this message to me. While working as a specialist for ergonomic office equipment, I quickly recognized that ergonomic equipment should not only suit the room but also the person. I changed my job and started working as a sales manager for a producer of ergonomic office chairs. Due to the contacts with managers who work efficiently and successfully, I began to understand that there is also an "ergonomics of brain".

To improve the ergonomics of the brain and learn how to deal with it quickly and efficiently, I attended courses between 2001 and 2005 to become a trainer of "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" and a NLP coach. I learned how the brain deals with motivation, anxiety and learning. Since 2006, I am a licensed NLP Trainer as a result of my NLP Training Courses. To communicate learning strategies and memory techniques which are appropriate for the brain, I use NLP-Techniques. I helped my clients use their brains in an efficient, ergonomic and contemporary way.

At the beginning, I recommended books on memory techniques to the participants of my seminars and coaching classes. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied with this. They bought the books and had an idea but were not able to train their brains independently. They were not able to memorize a shopping list containing more than 10 pieces of information. This is due to the fact that the memory techniques of the ancient Greeks had been described more than 2500 years ago. Communication techniques and training possibilities also go back to this period, unfortunately. My clients could understand the idea and the technique, but they did not have an efficient and contemporary training platform. Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to hold seminars for all interested persons. That's why I decided to create an efficient, modern and effective training platform in 2009. Memocamp was born.

The seminar participants and memory coaches were passionate about the platform. Finally, an efficient, modern and contemporary training platform for an ergonomic brain was born. It was really amazing that memory athletes quickly discovered the tool as an efficient training opportunity for themselves. To show the performance of a trained brain, I have included the memory world ranking list with all the competitions and individual performances. Memocamp allows memory championships to be held in an efficient, electronic and contemporary way. The seminar participants and memory coaches have a contemporary training forum which can be perfectly used for individual training. Given that people outside Germany are also interested in an ergonomic brain, Memocamp is already available in 6 languages. More languages will follow.

If you have questions, suggestions or wishes, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Michael Gloschewski
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