Body journey

To memorise many numbers and/or concepts one needs very long journeys. Rooms are most appropriate to fulfill this aim. To memorise a phone number or a shopping list for example, sometimes you only need a few points. For this purpose, it is appropriate to use something you "always keep with you", namely your own body. We choose body parts to which we mentally tag the items we need to remember.

And here is the Body Journey

Number Journey point
1 Feet
2 Shinbone
3 Knee
4 Thigh
5 Trouser pocket
6 Belt
7 Belly
8 Breast
9 Shoulder
10 Biceps
11 Elbow
12 Hand
13 Neck
14 Chin
15 Mouth
16 Nose
17 Eyes
18 Ears
19 Forehead
20 Hair

If you advance in training, you will undoubtedly need multiple journeys. YOU can create them progressively on your own under "My memocamp". Another journey is the "samplehousejouney". It consists of 52 journey points allowing you to remember a whole deck of cards.