PO, PVO, ...

The 2nd & 3rd dimension

What does PVO mean? This abbreviation stands for Person - Verb - Object.
The P stands for Person, the V for Verb & the O for Object. You already know this from the small 1x1 PO System.

The individual lists do not have to be necessarily created according to the Major code (66 person sheik - Verb to bargain - Object chess). There is rather a "main word" and the other words have to be seen in relation to this word.

Example for the number 19:
Person Winnetou - Verb war dancing - Object Tepee2$s
According to the Major system 19 (Letters 1=T & 9=P) stands for tepee - that's the object. The right person is Winnetou, the right verb is dancing (war dance). Here the main word is tepee where Winnetou lives and the typical activity is war dance.

Another example for the number 61:
Person - Scotsman, Verb -playing the bagpipes - Object - bagpipes
According to the Major system 61(Letters:6=Sch & 1=T) stands for scotsman - that's the person. The right word is playing the bagpipes and the typical object is bagpipes. The scotsman is the main word, the other two words derive from it.

The advantage of the system is to save journey points and already have ideas for an exciting story. It's like a screenplay. Furthermore, the system is easy to memorise because the derivation from the main word contains natural associations.

An example of a number row translated into PO:
10 -(Letters: 1=T & 0=S)PersonQueen&ObjectCup
75-(Letters: 7=K & 5=L)Person Neanderthal & ObjectCudgel
We will take the person Queen from the number 10 and the object Cudgel from the number 75.
This brings us to the following story: The queen hits with the cudgel.

An example of a number row translated into PVO:
13 - ( Letters: 1=T & 3=M)PersonTeam & Verb cheering & Objectfootball
55 - (Letters: 5=L & 5=L)Person Lucky Luke & Verb to suck & Object Lolly
40 - (Letters: 4=R & 0=S)Person Sleeping Beauty & Verb to kiss & Object Rose
We will take the person Team from the number 13, the verb to suck from the number 55 and the object Rose from the number 40.
This brings us to the following story: The team sucks a rose.

The PO- or PVO-systems are appropriate for advanced users. The purpose of this combinations is to tag several digits to one journey item without getting mixed-up with their order. The "lists of 100" are not limited. You could still add other categories like food (F), clothes (C), tools (T), animals (A) and so on. Most memory sportsmen using such combinations lilit themselves to PO or PVO.

Under "My memocamp" you can create your own systems and combine them under "My memory systems".