New Millennium Standards

Seit Januar 2014 gelten bei vier Disziplinen neue Standards.
Stunde Zahlen, Abstact Image, 30 min Karten & Auditiv

Es sind folgende Änderungen
- 60 Min Zahlen alt- 2200 neu 2800 erhöt
- 30 Min Karten von 13 auf ca.17 Decks erhöt 877 Karten
- 15 Min Abstract Images auf 505 erhöt
- 1s Auditv dei Wurzelberechnung wurde von 274 auf 374 erhöt


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It is the goal of Memocamp to spread the memory sport awareness. The functionality of this page has been fully developed, so now we can focus on spreading it around. It would be a shame if this should meet with obstacles because of language barriers. That is why we’re calling for your help with the translations on Memocamp. If we’ve awoken your interest please send us an email.
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The Best

strong performances on Memocamp

Memo camperPointsDisciplines
katiek1492Namen 10 Min
katiek1442Namen 5 Min
katiek1272Wörter 5 Min
katiek1267Namen 15 Min
PRATEEK 1248Wörter 5 Min
Alex M1216Karten 10 Min

Latest Results

Currently active contestants

Memo camperPointsDisciplines
Gabrielle110Vokabeln 5 Min
AndersoJ0Wörter 5 Min
pazi94Bilder 5 Min
pazi63Bilder 5 Min
pazi47Bilder 5 Min
Amalgamate138Bilder 5 Min

World Rankings

The leaders of the overall rankings

1.Alexander Mullen8856
2.Johannes Mallow8274
3.Marwin Wallonius7988
4.Simon Reinhard7634
5.Jonas von Essen7279
6.Huang Shenghua7061

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Here you can find out what it is that individual users get.

Here’s what Memocamp can

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Here you can see all the things that are possible with Memocamp at championships and also the benefits it can give you. Finally it’s possible for the audience to follow the contests live and to look over the contestants’ shoulders. For brain jogging at championship level. Memocamp is also suitable for events and meetings.

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